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Out of The Funk w/ Alannah Moniz Pt. 1 The Tell-All 4All Podcast

Prior to everything happening in the world, life was very much fast pace, so much so that we can lose ourselves and get into a funk because we simply don't have time to just breath and get clarity. And so, I sat with a friend, Alannah Moniz @alannah.moniz, to discuss how she managed to get out of the funk and realign with her purpose, reconnecting with her creativity and finding the passion in it once again. Tune in to hear on how to combat self-doubt and negative self talk, along with having patience when overcoming obstacles. Guest: Alannah Moniz (Choreographer, Videographer/Photographer & Creative) @alannah.moniz @a.m.ethyst.visuals **Tune in weekly for new episodes**
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