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Discovery & Defining Self w/ Steph Margaret The Tell-All 4All Podcast

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!  What does it mean to discover yourself?! Come to know who you are and what you want?! I had the pleasure of sitting down with the one and only, Steph Margaret @steph_margaret, who is a woman who she is and what she wants. Over the past few years, she has discovered herself not only as individual of the LGBQ community, but also has defined herself within her work and passion for dance. Integrating spirituality in all that she does, ensuring a soulful experience from inside out. Tune in to hear her journey on both a professional level, as well as an individual. Discussing where it all started to how it all came to be, to then chat about sexual orientation and the defining of self within it all. Guest: Stephanie Margaret (Dancer, Choreographer & Creator of S.H.E.) @steph_margaret **Tune in weekly for new episodes**
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