Ep. 59: Today’s Rant Vol II

We are back with another rant and it’s a long one, starting off chatting about social media overload and ending with the discussion of the United States Riot on Capitol Hill. And yes, we got opinionated with this one! The sense of entitlement flowing through humanity right now is unreal; some are justified, others not so much! But is it getting a little much…

Given that everyone is home and itching to figure out how to make ends meet, due to the pandemic along with the pressures of New Year revamping… everyone seems to be doing everything and more to stand out and be relevant. Is it a bit much?! Are people over publicizing… overcompensating?! Or is it expected given the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ slogan?! Why is it people wait until to the new year to take action?! And what about all these opinions these days… everyone always having something to say?!

OOhhh… and let’s talk riots in the States… no summary on this sub-topic. You have to tune in to hear as P & C share their thoughts and opinions, because this is a juicy one!



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