About Me

Carina Remi

Founder of The Tell-All 4All Podcast

Carina Remi is an entrepreneur, helping build and develop new ventures from the ground up and with that she has her hands dipped in a few silent projects. She is a published author and poet, as well as a lifestyle coach and copywriter. She is also a part of an all female entrepreneur group called the La Donnas, who encompass the six pillars of success while promoting the importance of balance, harmony and abundance. Her passions include reading, fashion, music and dance.

She is a person who has gone through a few ordeals in life, but has always managed to pull through and look at the bright side. Being an extremely positive person, carrying her ‘care-free, happy go lucky’ attitude everywhere she goes and being both determined and motivated in whatever projects she takes on. She is a burst of energy, both outgoing and fun, loves to laugh and enjoy life to the fullest.

Fun Fact: She’s a bit of a nerd. Enjoying both knitting and logic puzzles!

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